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Mechanical Engineering Projects

Project Titles

1.  Abrasive jet machine for remove rust from any material
2.   Advanced hydraulic zigzag bending machine
3.   Agricultural sprayer by hand operated vehicle
4.   Air generation from speed braker
5.   Angular pneumatic hacksaw
6.   Aqua silencer
7.  Auto head lamp alignment system for automobile
8.    Auto indexing gear cutting attachment and pneumatic shaping machine
9.   Automatic drilling and tapping machine
10.   Automatic on shot blasting machine
11.   Automatic pneumatic clutch and braking system
12.   Automatic pneumatic double axis welding machine
13.   Automatic pneumatic reciprocating grinding machine
14.   Automatic pneumatic riverting machine
15.   Automatic pneumatic shaping machine
16.   Automatic pneumatic stand
17.   Automatic screen printing machine
18.   Automatic shoe polisher
19.   Automatic spiral punching machine
20.   Cattle feed cutting machine
21.   Centrifugal blower for ventilation
22.   Chainless bicycle
23.   Coconut milk extractor
24.   Compressed air production using vehicle suspension
25.   Cylindrical power generation with motor drive
26.   Design and fabrication of abrasive belt grinder
27.   Design and fabrication of CAM vice
28.   Design and fabrication of chip and burr collector
29.   Design and fabrication of equaliser clamp
30.   Design and fabrication of floor cleaning machine
31.   Design and fabrication of hydraulic core shooter
32.   Design and fabrication of injection moulding machine
33.   Design and fabrication of jigs and fixtures
34.   Design and fabrication of multipurposes pneumatic press
35.   Design and fabrication of pneumatic tapping machine
36.   Design and fabrication of vertical injection moulding machine
37.   Door based power generation
38.   Easy cap entry and exit
39.   Electrical power generation by gym unit
40.   Electrical power generation by using wasted heat generation from engine
41.   Electrical power generation from revolving door on park place
42.   Electrical power generation using escalator
43.   Fabrication of autoindexing drilling machine
44.   Fabrication of automatic embosing and drilling machine
45.   Fabrication of cup making machine
46.   Fabrication of hydraulic vulcanizing machine
47.   Fabrication of pedaling drilling machine
48.   Fabrication of pneumatic grinding machine
49.   Fabrication of pneumatic vice with jack
50.   Fabrication of sheet metal cutting machine
51.   Fabrication of sheet rolling machine
52.   Fire truck and ladder mechanism
53.   Floor cleaning machine
54.   Hand operated bearing puller
55.   Hand operated bending machine
56.   Hand operated can crusher
57.   Hand operated hacksaw
58.   Hand operated mixi with single jar
59.   Hybrid power generation
60.   Hydraulic bearing puller
61.   Hydraulic braking system
62.   Hydraulic hand operated pipe bending machine
63.   Hydraulic lifting system for four wheeler
64.   Hydraulic liner puller
65.   Hydraulic log splitter
66.   Hydraulic pipe vice
67.   Hydraulic press machine
68.   Hydraulic radial bending machine
69.   Hydraulic scissors platform
70.   Lever operated conical bending roller machine
71.   Manually operated air compressor using pedalling
72.   Manually operated pipe bending machine
73.   Mechanical recliner for aged peoples
74.   Mechanical seed threser
75.   Microcontroller based emulation of a wave energy converter
76.   Mobile charger from manual tread mill
77.   Motorized cattle feed cutting machine
78.   Multiple angle pipe bending machine and cutting machine
79.   Multiple angle pipe bending machine
80.   Multi-spindle drill head
81.   Pedal dress washing machine
82.   Pedal power hacksaw
83.   pedal water pumping system
84.   Pedaling dress washing machine
85.   Pedaling pump
86.   Pipe boring machine
87.   Pneumatic auto feed punching machine
88.   Pneumatic auto gear changer for induction motors
89.   Pneumatic belt conveyor
90.   Pneumatic can crusher
91.   Pneumatic cycle
92.   Pneumatic cylinder cycles counter
93.   Pneumatic cylinder operated power generator
94.   Pneumatic door opener
95.   pneumatic drill jig
96.   Pneumatic grease dispensing system
97.   Pneumatic high speed hacksaw machine
98.   Pneumatic operated abrasive belt grinder
99.   Pneumatic operated foot step lifting system
100.Pneumatic operated lifting table
101. pneumatic operated motorized jib crane
102. Pneumatic operated vulcanizing machine
103. Pneumatic paper cutting machine
104. Pneumatic pick and place
105. Pneumatic pivoted drilling machine
106. Pneumatic pumping system with power generation
107. Pneumatic ramming machine
108. pneumatic road marking system
109. pneumatic shaping machine with slotting attachment
110. pneumatic slotting machine
111. Pneumatic steering system
112. Pneumatic transfer system
113. Pneumatic turn table
114. Pneumatic vehicle
115. pneumatic vice
116. Portable mini water service station
117. Portable pipe cutting machine
118. Power and air generate through speed breaker arrangement
119. Power generation from vehicle exhaust
120. Power generation from vehicle suspension
121. Power generation from wind and sea wave
122. Power producing using gym cycle
124. Railway track speed brake power generation with light and gate control
125. Road marking machine
126. S type windmill
127. Semi automatic clutch for four wheeler
128. Solar air heater with fins
129. Solar operated industrial trolley
130. Spark plug tester
131. Steam power generation
132. Tilting vice
133. Triangular drilling machine
134. Twin-spindle drill holder
135. Universal tapping machine
136. Universal tool grinding machine
137. Valve guide removing and replacement
138. Water pumping system using river force
139. Windmill direction controller and electrical power generation from wind and rain water
140. Windmill of sail type